Year-by-Year Experience

Discover my IT journey year by year. Explore the capture of milestones and transformation along the way.

Docker, Podman

Git, Mercurial

Terraform, Kubernetes (k8s), Helm

Python, Jupyter, Pandas, Django

JavaScript, TypeScript

Vue.js, Vite

Postgres, MySQL

Redis, Memcached, Celery, RabbitMQ

Nginx, Apache

Senior Backend Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Sentry

Jenkins, PyTest, tox



Past: C/C++/C#, Delphi, BASIC, Assembly and PHP

Linux, Bash, ZSH, Fish

Security Audits

Cybersecurity Audits

Linux System Administration

Raspberry Pi

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Machine Learning(ML)

Deep Learning(DL)




Web Crawling


Today in 2024, I have accumulated a diverse shape skill set. Each day, my journey continues as I shape broaden my expertise and enhance my knowledge.

— Guiding Principles and Environment

Throughout my IT journey, I've embraced essential principles and systems that shape my work, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration, ultimately leading to successful and seamless project execution.

Do you enjoy reading?
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→ Self-Improvement List
→ Programmer's Paradise

The GTD methodology is my go-to system for organizing tasks and projects. It ensures that nothing slips through the cracks and that I maintain a clear, stress-free mind for creative work.

Agile Results is my guide to personal and professional excellence. It empowers me to manage my time and energy effectively, setting clear priorities and achieving results with balance.

The PARA Method by Tiago Forte is my framework for organizing digital information. It maximizes my productivity by optimizing how I store and access essential resources.

I embrace Agile principles to enhance collaboration, adaptability, and the delivery of valuable software. Agile keeps me focused on customer satisfaction and allows for continuous improvement.

Kanban boards help me visualize work, limit work in progress, and manage workflow efficiently. It's a key tool for keeping projects on track.

I've adopted the 12 Week Year approach to achieve more in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months. This system sharpens my focus and accelerates goal attainment.